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Jens Böhrnsen, Martin Günthner, Denise Joachim, Joachim Lohse, Renate Jürgens-Pieper, Karoline Linnert,  Ulrich Mäurer,  Anja Stahmann, Eva Quante-Brandt



Honorable senators, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,


We, the members of the presidium of the INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY, starting with the official registration (1996), focused on the development of social projects  for a distant prospect, id est quite radical. As is known, such projects require for their implementation the highly qualified specialists - but at the same time deprived of conservatism. But it is almost impossible. Therefore, such projects for a very long time remain only projects, they can even cause an irritation of the specialists and their negative reaction.

Way out of the situation here is one: the solution of the implementation of such projects should take the higher persons responsible for the welfare and safety of the people, but the responsibility for a quality of implementation should be strong specialists, without the right to sabotage. To help for the development can the tipping political realities.

A similar situation was with you, and therefore we address you.

For the tests, we address you only on one project out of all our 11 ones: the joint preparation to the innovative education. As it is known, it was prepared by a decision of the European Parliament, 2008 (DECISION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL concerning the European Year of Creativity and Innovation (2009) - the COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES, Brussels, 28.3.2008).


For the first two years we studied via the Internet, the European sources of information about the ongoing reforms there - for example, European conferences, meetings, the generalized report of the institute of the city of Seville, etc. And we saw that a very small number of teachers from the countries of the EU had taken this decision positively. The more so it is evident in Russia, where all our people are entranced with the Bologna convention and are behind the life for many years. And about the reforms in Europe concerning the European Year of Creativity and Innovation (2009) they do not actually know anything.

Meanwhile, now with every year, it becomes clear that it is necessary to have the gradual replacement of the whole concept of the current education, the departure from the old system, when the heads of the students are poured with buckets of ready-made knowledge and the teachers evaluate the study progress by the students’ capability to remember. This leads to transformation of the people to full conservatives, to the atrophy of creative instincts. And the whole blocks of young people are thrown out to the backyard to the side to alcohol, drugs and criminality. Science tends to infinite observations. We, the society, need flexible creative people, who since childhood see around disadvantages and their effective remedy. It is the system we offer.

To date, we have developed a detailed substantiation of the system of education, prepared and issued in small circulation the tutorial NOVISTICS (the first, the main book - the second book is being prepared). This is "for all".

We also showed the necessity, possibility and expediency of creation of special Universities of creativity for creatively talented students that can then create the appropriate companies for the creative helping others. Note: in any case, all of these people will never be ballasts for the society.

All this we learn from 1973-75 years, when we were still military experts in anti-missile defense. And we are ready to open all this for your specialists for subsequent implementation in schools and even in the form the first in Europe a special university. Of course, if your finance department bares some expenditures for the "Group of perspective development", in which the 2 - 3 - 4 person will be from Russia.

It should be noted that we, of course, from the outset addressed to your classical science. We were obliged to do it.  And we have got a very fast and quite a formal refusal. That was what we had expected. It was strange the only thing that we got this refusal at the level of the secretariat, although the issue concerns the matters of principle. Apparently, we made mistakes even earlier, referring to the disinterested people (for example, in Dusseldorf).


On this issue one should say the following. In the end, the history evaluates any government by the effectiveness of the conducted transformations for population, for his safety and well-being. By the way, one of our projects provides for the calculation (along with the GDP) the statistic indicator of  integral social development. And in general: in addition to the development of the economy we offer special development "sociomy".

However, I have to say at once that the absence of your positive response to this letter (that is, unwillingness to work with us on any of our programs) will not be able to shake us in our respect for you. We will just believe that our projects do come not at the proper place or not at the proper time.


With the best regards,  Boris A. Minin

President of the International Public Development Academy,

Chief of the Federal Centre of certification,

Inventor, Doctor of engineering, Full doctor of economics, professor,

Academician of the International Academy of informatization (UN)

+7 (495) 475 96 28; (903) 542 35 95 (only in Russian);




I'm sorry that we do not write in German language: it would have been too risky.





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