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Appendix 3






So, has passed more than a year after our first acquaintance to the DECISION of the EUROPARLIAMENT, concerning introduction of Year of creativity and innovations «Год-2009» and our reference in the Eurocommission initiating this DECISION.

For this time we have got acquainted with earlier document  -DECISION No 1982/2006/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 18 December 2006, with many publications on this theme and with perfectly executed report of IPTS  «Innovation and Creativity in Education and Training in the EU Member States: Fostering Creative Learning and Supporting Innovative Teaching. Literature review on Innovation and Creativity in E&T in the EU Member States (ICEAC) by Anusca Ferrari, Romina Cachia and Yves Punie, 02 March 2010 -».


From seen by us and the publications, quoted in the report, we have understood,  how difficult  it was to do this report:  Europe now is in this problem at that level,  on which the electrical engineering was before George Ohm. Then, as is known, were done about 200 dissertations a year on a theme about a parity of a current and pressure in electric chains. Clearly, social projects it is much more difficult, than communications between a current, pressure and resistance. Here is required not one Ohm. For overcoming of the arisen barrier we suggest to give to your researchers a small impulse - results which we have managed to receive for 30 years of our work. It will help them to overcome boundaries which they now do not see and further to continue the works independently.

Let's look questions which are interesting to the European researchers:

What is the potential creative and not creative;

How to force teachers to teach creatively;

What characterises an innovation


Many scientists - and in Russia, and abroad - investigated these questions for a long time.    Splash in interest to them was about 20-25 years ago.  And answers were then approximately the same, as well as now – unfortunately, very weak. For some reason all have forgotten about them, and all repeats anew.


But there is also a progress . Then nobody spoke about creative school education, all Europe has now started talking.

It is excellent! Also there are things where our trajectory of understanding is almost adequate to yours.


For example, and us, and by the European colleagues it is noticed, that teachers are not inclined to apply innovative methods, the main thing, both you, and we have understood, why: for them to it did not learn and it is necessary to study, the aura of the usual teacher thus falls. And plus it is necessary to think daily, instead of to use old theoretical luggage.  But the main thing at all it: while at examinations will not replace check of that pupils have remembered, on check of abilities to find creative decisions, training to creativity will go only for enthusiasts.  By us and the European researchers it is noted, that if we will pass to innovative training, that it is necessary to change algorithm of reception of examinations – differently, nobody will estimate additional plus those creative skills which were got by the pupil. We in our program and the textbook it and many other things too have noticed all: not because we are cleverer, probably, now  it see already all,  who thinks of school problems …  And consequently, it is axiomatic. It means, that it is available natural growth of consciousness of human community and consequently it should make the following step: something to undertake to be released from brakes.  For example, we consider, it is necessary to compare regularly progress of pupils from creative and not creative teachers.

For certain same our colleagues in Europe think also.

But neither we, nor your experts have not offered it.


However now we can suggest not simply compare progress, but also to enter rules of definition of comparative effect from the first years of work of pupils after different teachers. And a damage from teachers with an "unshakable" position further to force them to compensate to a society. Well, well, it is unreal. Then at least to declare it, and it will play a huge role. And it will make EU more likely, than Russia.   For at us about creative education in the corresponding ministry do not think at all.


But there are subjects, where we, members of IPDA, for a long time are ahead. These questions are very important, about importance are spoken also by report IPTS.

We not only have noticed that the main criteria of an estimation of innovations are the originality and the value (efficiency), we have learnt to count them. About 10-15 years we are able to count full effect from the majority of innovations - both economic, and social and socially-ecological, and even the scientific  (in case of development by a theory innovation in the given area). We even have found methods of calculation of a degree of quality, calculated effect from the fantastic phenomenon of synergy, and have found a place for inclusion of these methods in calculation of full potential  (the first publication - 1975, last - the book AUDIT of EFFICIENCY, 2008). On the basis of units


For a long time we have managed to show structure and to define the mechanism of calculation of level of originality. I personally was possible manage almost 10 years in patent department and to study internal and external display of inventions of a highest level. As a result of it it was possible to define the mechanism of calculation of level of novelty. The originality as we have found out, can be calculated on the basis of three certain categories: generalisation level, «nonobviousand» and stability of the invention as a system.  On the other hand, novelty is important not in itself,  but as the factor which together with initial efficiency defines term of an obsolescence (TOO) of new technics - i.e. time in which the technics can be considered new and effective.  очевидность Evidence


Let's note: possibility of an estimation of all of it has been checked up on many tens examples, from theoretical researches to objects of technics. Calculations have shown: the effect in any currency differs from different innovations in millions times, TOO - one year ... several decades.

So we have defined the alphabet and grammar of an estimation of public efficiency of innovations. But, certainly, we are ready to discuss with thinking opponents.


Unfortunately, that we managed to see from publications in Europe, it… – no, it is impossible to tell: children's babble, but is better to tell: too long dawn before rising. Let's notice, at us in Russia is even worse: about it in general do not think yet. At us absolutely other bias: very serious struggle for sports successes as for a universal medicine for all national illnesses.


Let’s we will not speak about it. If you have lived in space with completely provided resources,  with mad jumps of all climatic parametres, with the atmospheric air, constantly filled with a dust and spiteful insects, in a close society with the unbridled part of the population,  not burdened any moral bonds, and not afraid neither our justice, nor our religion… - let's look, what would make  Central European scientific or even working collective. Let's consider, that to our group and me has simply had the luck with the healthy (for the present) body  and spirit device, which is able to live not thanking, but contrary to

Europe has recollected creativity on a crisis threshold. But on command of the centre it has extended at once on hundreds organisations.   It should be envied only.   We suggest to create at you group on preparation of the good textbook «novistics», and we are ready to enter there, having experience of its decision.


This group, taking into consideration the European conditions, for a year-two will prepare a number of textbooks from preschool age to high schools and even for continuous education. As far as we know, such or similar textbook in the EU countries for the present is not created.

At once there can be a question: why it is not created?

I think, it is connected with much higher well-being of the average European in comparison with the Russian. Him did not force anything to think  of people, about possibilities which offer innovations, except personal or corporate profit. But do not use higher purposes - public. All it raises a tone for search of the necessary decisions for warming up interest of all to public development. And first of all for measurement of efficiency of innovations which the official wishes not to see.


Let's repeat here: History of the workings out connected with an estimation of results of creativity, as it has appeared, demands the certain period of ripening of each stage, the gradual analysis of a large quantity of articles, books, and only it allows to make new, the following appreciable step to a new stage. For 30-35 years, from the very beginning (almost unconscious, but for certain not a casual), at us was such 6-7-8 big stages,  for example: a long stage definition of aggression of different toxic substances, radiations, noise, vibrations …; then calculation of this aggression in cost units; definition of practical methods of an estimation of a moral and ecological damage; methods of calculation of scientific effect – owing to theory development; methods of calculation of term of an obsolescence because of occurrence in the market the best and cheaper goods-competitors (as it is strange, but after Marx nobody was engaged in it!) + from creative level, it is long guaranteeing the originality; then methods of calculation of full potential of an innovation and the form of its optimum representation for a society… 

Each of these stages demanded the fertilisation and the terms of ripening of a fruit.  Naturally, the textbook which we have prepared, includes also these stages, and many other things to understand with the childhood, what such an innovation and how it to do. People who will know all it from school,  can become innovators in any branch. Obviously, at mass development of these processes in the world will be accelerated  allocation from a noosphere of a new layer – creasphere.  As more earlier, from occurrence «the person reasonable», the noosphere was allocated from biosphere, sphere of live.  Such are our reasonings already after understanding, what is the creativity and how to measure public efficiency  of its result – innovations.


But further at us there has come a powerful psychological brake. With melancholy observing, that our works in our the country interests nobody.

Let's repeat: That it does not happen, allow to refer to me on Decision No 1982/2006/EC  (16) : individuals should be stimulated to enter into the profession of researcher, European researchers should be encouraged to stay in Europe, researchers from the entire world should be attracted to Europe and Europe should be made more attractive to the best researchers.encourage intersectoral mobility, and attract researchers from all over the world to Europe)  and to try to tell directly to you about our desire some years to work in one of collectives of Europe, in collective which sincerely wishes to make the present step forward and which is ready to endure close to itself the Russian person.


From language and other preferences, it is desirable  to make a choice among two German-speaking countries: Switzerland and Austria, more precisely, the city of Linz, in which there live my acquaintances.

 Certainly, it is possible to transfer to interesting collective our materials – about it we wrote. But there are  some "but":


1        Our material is in detail developed economic-mathematical device, demanding a detailed substantiation and an explanation, Plus the textbook    NOVISTICS  with text on innovative training,  which it is necessary to translate correctly at least on some European languages,

2.       Our material for certain is better to apply on concrete technical and social innovations, developed by the EU organisations,

Quite probably, that more comfortable conditions new psychologically will allow to apply our workings out in that direction, which demands the European Commission, in particular:

·         To develop and transfer to general discussion in «innovation passports» universal structure of economic, social and ecological indicators,  checked up on necessity and sufficiency, "weighed" by efficiency – public, and in common with the well-known firm AT Kearney – and corporate; all it for obligatory support of each innovation represented on the market (the book AUDIT of EFFICIENCY, 2008),

·         To make together with teachers the typical mutually co-ordinated curriculum for schools and a technique of development of procedure of innovative training with reference to the different EU countries,

·         To prepare offers on creation of special University of creativity for creatively presented people (website, Item 6),

·         To transfer an operational experience (to territories of Russia, and then Ukraine) of unique system CCK of certification of the goods, services taking into account level of ecological cleanliness and quality, and also the enterprises taking into account a damage for environment and to the population. Group from EU, working in Russia with 2007 for 2009 have put it on the first place among the others. It is expedient to submit corresponding documents from EU for registration in ISO  (item 3 site),

·         To prepare offers for introduction (in parallel with scientific degrees)  creative degrees of public development in dependence From level of a synergy, creative level and full effect, including social and scientific – all can be counted it, i.e. to incline people to be, but not to seem,

·         To develop and introduce the special social patent and system of patenting for these inventions – with absence of exclusive rights and not similar to socialist author's system (ECO, 1980, 1982),

·         To prepare offers on introduction of analogue of the Nobel committee without infringement of will Nobel and to consider real or potential advantage for a society of innovations, instead of abstract scientific achievements (2002),

·         To prepare offers on use of some workings out for gradual formation of adequate justice on the basis of the obligatory requirement of compensation of the put damage. This justice and without fascism will manage to put things in order and disaccustom people to do each other harm (the book «RETURN  LAW», 2007),



All it to make quite really. Whether there is a sense from it to refuse?


Let's repeat: the best – in addition to 7 institutes of European Commission or in one of them to organize The All-European Center of Public Development, which will transform the most detailed scientific researches into courageous projects, as much as possible prepared for introduction in practice. If there will be special problems with the finance, do it can at a minimum of regular employees, working by a principle of the distributed structure with scientists and designers from the different countries and regions.  If this centre will place in silent district, for example, in Austria,  it will have a talented administrative maintenance, staff of excellent programmers and translators, the success of this Center is possible to guarantee.  It is necessary to hope, the European community which has been already warmed up by fine requirements European Commission and EuroParliament, will apprehend our workings out without a special overstrain and aggression.

Concerning "aggression" it should not surprise very much: as is known, after the publication of the law of the Ohm to it many years did not allow to be engaged in a science, after all it has taken away hobby on which annually nearby 200 persons defended dissertations from hundreds experimenters.

But the countries which will agree to enter at itself this all-European centre, obviously will not be the loser.


In particular, this centre can develop and realise the project,  which can be useful in whole EU, - The All-European project of monitoring and programming of public development (MPPD), which after development of rules of metrology of innovations (novometry) and accreditations of a network of the centres in Europe can adjust procedure of the review, detection, verification and metrology of consequences of any innovations: technical, technological, organizational, financial, legislative, cultural-entertaining, scientific etc. On the basis of these data it will be possible to spend the actual and long-term forecast influences of innovations on public development, including economic, material, social, ecological and moral and psychological consequences, if necessary to develop timely measures on their updating  and even on public development programming  with differentiation of recommendations between branches, geographical areas and the European Union countries.  And further to adjust preparation and exchange procedure between the countries the most perfect experience. It will promote a strengthening of relations of the countries and considerably will increase advantage of membership in EU.

At this institute it will be expedient  (in parallel with the existing centres of assignment of scientific degrees and award of Nobel Prizes) to create the All-European Center of assignment of Creative degrees of public development  on the basis of data about efficiency of innovations, and also self-financed Business centre of accreditation and certification of quality and ecological cleanliness for interested persons authentically to show in advertising high consumer properties of the goods and services, including such, as cottages, the ground areas, internal and foreign rounds etc. It even in the first year not less than hundred workplaces and the main thing – possibility of creation of the directed vector of public development of Europe.


 Studying materials of European researchers, it is difficult to  assume, that this project will be not successful.  All question, whether European Union are interested in it?  


It is necessary to tell, the top management from the Moscow government in 1992-93, in the time most difficult for Russia,  has approved the plan of creation of such centre offered by us in Moscow, but its assistants have demanded from us too much. Unfortunately, we then were very poor. But every cloud has a silver lining: we for these years had a full independence in a choice of subjects and work rules.


However time has come to give saved up luggage. To those people who will be ready it accept.