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Appendix 1


Respected Marco Polo team, many thanks for a definite answer!

Allow you to thank for explanations of structure of your program. It is necessary to tell, we were most of all interested by a source of occurrence of figure 0,035.  You have answered me, where these materials to look, but have not told, whether it is possible to change something. However in Appendix 3 in a footnote 2 we have read, that «These values reflect a compromise until a new large external study supported by the EC (DG Environment) will be completed». If translation into Russian correct, «will be» means, that someone about a technique still thinks.

If it is true, the big request to transfer our letter to those who do it.  We to them will have questions and offers on teamwork.


Thanks. With the best regards, Boris Minin


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«MARCO POLO» - the noble program. With the big interest we studied your work on the program realization.  This interest not the casual: by request of parliament of Moscow (Russia) 05.2004 we have finished by calculation of a socially-ecological damage from motor transport in the city of Moscow. Work contained detailed calculations of harm from all accessible then harmful factors – see the table.  The full damage to the population makes about 2 billion euro a year, on 200 euros on the person or on 600-800 euros on a family.  Also it was supposed, that this sum will be compensated at the expense of owners of motor vehicles. But while the necessary decision is not accepted.


At you other way is supposed: to stimulate transfer of a cargo transportation into rails and in the sea. We  agree, this way more real.  Our way politically uneasy. But Time will show.


And at us to you some preliminary questions and the offer.   


First, us interests, if it not a secret as number 0,035 has been defined. We have compared it with our calculations, and we were pleased with good coincidence, at us most of all in 6-8 times*.  We expected more: after all at us in calculations the densely populated territory of a city was accepted. If to consider, that biologically the German and Russian  – not so different beings, all our data it is possible to use and in Europe, and then slowly to correct. But we now can define a damage on the basis of data about various of harmful factors. We even have managed to make a socially-ecological Moscow map – we to you it send.

We offer you teamwork on calculations and construction of such card for all Euro pe.  It will be interesting and useful work. In addition new factors which have been not considered by us can be considered: cancerogenic and mutagen action a dust  from tyres (Presumably, the damage from it is not less, than from hydrocarbons after the car – therefore hope on even the purest fuel is only l/2, but it would be necessary 1/10 and even 1/100),  moral, and not just a physical damage from noise (now we are able to define mental cruelty and effect in roubles, dollars, euro …); it is necessary to consider even national traditions of carrying out of motorways: through territory of village or far from it (the dust  influences about 100-300 metres).  

All it has practical sense: the socially-ecological card will allow each city to build its priorities for your program. Besides, expected effect for inhabitants of each city will allow a city to allocate additional financing for executors of your program.  There will be influence not only from motor transport, but it considered also from the local enterprises and even from action of harmful flora and fauna – for example, insects in air. If there were any data about system (nonlinear) action of estimated factors at hygienic levels, it is necessary to consider and this action.

It is necessary to tell, that all our materials are published in the book «EFFICIENCY AUDIT» on ours a web site, item 16, and all of you can take free . But it would be interesting and useful to us to work together with you. If it to you is favourable.

Concerning your program we to you will have some additional questions. If not the secret, the big request to answer at least some questions which will not take away a lot of time.


1. To us it is not clear, for what after an estimation of the general prize in euro you do so many artful operations by calculation of definitive cost of the grant?   – At us such earlier too was, but then we have understood: if there are not enough money, it is necessary to lower simply % of deduction of the help, instead of to create mess at calculation.  Why and what for in addition to 0,35 «the grant is set at 2 Euro per 500 tkm …»? Besides, round figures always cause suspicion. But if it is necessary to give it,  not bad to show plausible reasonings.

To it still a question: Why in APPENDIX 5 at Definition of the Award Criteria at definition Criterion Point range it is necessary to put Threshold???  Or: Total Score 100 - 60??? And why not to use only results of calculations of complex utility?   By the way, now it is possible to count and effect in euro from «use of clean fuel and emission abatement techniques»,  from «Environmental and other external costs savings» and not only from «Innovative approach to overcome structural market barriers»,  but also overcoming of these barriers at creativity (an innovation birth) – all it instead of artificial figures 12, 18, 20…


2. To us it is not clear, why necessarily on all innovations it is necessary to receive at first the grant, and then it to do?  – At us while too so.  But can be, it is possible to admit sometimes, what at first people will spend work, and then will present you results to make calculation on the real facts for compensation and the help?

3. It is difficult to agree, that effect which you count, it is necessary to name ecological, in the same place are considered : noise, pollutants and climate costs as well as accidents, they are important not for the nature,  and the main thing - for people, i.e. is factors obviously social, as a last resort – socially-ecological and economic. Allow to give you such extreme assumption: if sometime earth dwellers leave the Earth, anybody from us will not give any dollar to lower on the Earth pollution or to increase safety of the Siberian tiger. That is everything, that we do, we do for preservation and development of mankind.

4. Probably, not absolutely truly to define efficiency = effect / expenses MARCO POLO:

·        MP has given only a part of expenses and without MP these works would be made, therefore all expenses and should be entered into a denominator. Then the conclusion would sound so: without the aid of MP  efficiency would be (for example) 2,2 е/е, and with its help – 5,3; 

·        The effect seldom happens single or even once a year. It would be necessary to multiply annual effect by number of years when the innovation is new and useful. We for the majority of cases are able to count it – see the book our site of item 16.

·         Not clearly, that it: «during the duration of the grant agreement»?


5. For clearness in an example «transport service (with production innovation): Volume of the product decreased by 40 %, same road routes in the distribution network, same » it would be necessary to tell: except all direct consequences from innovations there was an essential positive influence on road expenses … And differently it turns out, that the innovation has been made only for road expenses. So does almost not happen .


6. Not clearly, why «the old“ road ”route, must be situated on the territory of at least two EU Member States or » - why not to accept at effect calculation only by number of km in EU territory?   In general I will remind: «all useless – is harmful» and «simplicity – health pledge». Though, of course, we suppose, that we have not understood really great sense which you meant. But nevertheless we are always assured, that all useless – is harmful.

7. In APPENDIX 4 requirement of representation all expenses is quite proved, if the basic argument for reception of the help from MP are expenses. But it is better calculation only by  effect.

8. Пункт.4.1: it is very difficult to estimate quantitatively without use of categories of a damage and effect. Give about it we will think together, our experience more than 30 years.


We are experts in optimisation of procedures taking into account the basic system principles (including most simple principle: all useless – is harmful). When I write it, first of all I think that your noble program from use of these principles only will win, and repeatedly. All will you not only to respect, but also to love.  Let's think of teamwork.


Appendices: the Socially-ecological Moscow map and parts of the text of the expanded offers for Austria – for your representation about a circle of our possibilities and interests; we will send them the basic offers for you.


With the best regards, Boris A. Minin

(The president of the International Public Development Academy,

chief of the Federal certification Centre,

inventor, candidate of engineering science, doctor of economics, professor,

academician of the International Academy of informatization - UN)

                +7 (495) 475 96 28; (903) 542 35 95  (only in Russian)

During working correspondence in English for simplification of translation we ask you to use E-mail    




* By our calculations, the socially-ecological damage within Moscow has appeared well connected with volume of consumed motor fuel and on the size in roubles, euro it approximately on 15 % above cost. Example: For an average motor vehicle in weight nearby 0,5 т the expense of motor fuel of 9 l on 100 km, i.e. if to accept the Central European price of gasoline 1,2 euros /l,  on 100 km for 1 t:    9 l *  2 *  1,2 euros/l = 21,6  euros, 0,216 euros/tkm; hence, the damage on 1 tkm is equal 0,216 * 1,15 = 0,248; 0,248/0,035 = 7,08



…Table 13

Directions and principles of calculation of effect and a damage as consequences from cars influence on the person and the nature at a stage of introduction  

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Influencing factors

Considered consequences

Considered parametres of influence

Methods of definition of efficiency to influence scale







Toxic pollution of atmospheric air from exhaust gases

The biological

Intensity of pollution in terms of maximum concentration limit on substances: basically

NOх and firm particles

* The sum of the weighed relations of actual concentration in terms of maximum concentration limit:

On squares of a city or average values on a city as a whole, or on earlier known data about a damage and to a parity of weight of emissions during the settlement period and in a year primary estimation

Moral (psychological)

Subjectively perceived smells

The sociological interrogations focused on an estimation of the put damage and readiness to pay

Ecological (oppression биоты (florae and faunae), landscape degradation

The cancelled former and demanded new expenses, social costs from деэстетизации a landscape; expenses for environment rehabilitation

Economic calculations; стат. Data; sociological interrogations


Toxic pollution of atmospheric air from a dust

Biological (cancerogenic)

Intensity of pollution in terms of maximum concentration limit on substances:



The sum of the weighed relations of actual concentration in terms of maximum concentration limit;

The additional contribution to toxic pollution of atmospheric air **

Economic and material

Personal and budgetary expenses for treatment

Statistical researches and interrogations of victims

Ecological (oppression биоты (florae and faunae)

The cancelled former and demanded new expenses for environment rehabilitation; social costs from деэстетизации a landscape; expenses for environment rehabilitation

Economic calculations; стат. Data; sociological interrogations


Acoustic environmental contamination

Moral (psychological)

Level of acoustic noise in dBA

The sum of the weighed relations of actual concentration in terms of ПДУ ***


Ecological (fauna oppression)

Degree of oppression of fauna

Statistical data and supervision


The area occupied with automatic telephone exchange

Economic and social

The city earths excluded from an economic and social turn

Under existing rates of Moskomzem

Moral (psychological)

Deestetic (?) the territories, the taken away free time and psychological pressure

Sociological interrogations and sociometry





The economic

At victims - loss of productive force,

Without victims – work decline of productivity

Calculation on average statistical data

The material

At victims – loss of the supporter;

Without victims – expenses for treatment, payment decrease

The statistical given and sociological interrogations

The physical

Physical sufferings and capacity decrease

Sociological interrogations

Moral (psychological)

At victims – relatives, without victims - victims

Sociological interrogations


Automobile jams (stoppers)

Moral (psychological)

Expenses of time of drivers and passengers, a psychological overstrain

Methods of sociological interrogations, социометрии and statistical data

Ecological the-raised environmental contamination


See 1, 2, 3




From the letter to Austria


  …It is a questions of DECISION  OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL concerning the European Year of Creativity and Innovation (2009).

We develop these questions of creativity and innovations many years, since 1973-74, partially since work in system of antimissile defence and protection of people against radio-waves.  The book on this theme is published in 1974, it is translated in the USA and has been noted by THE WORLD ORGANIZATION OF PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES.  It was our first book on a social theme.  But further, when we have passed to work in social structures, the theory of innovations and social effect for us became native for long years.  – Us consistently it has been prepared not less than fifty articles on a theme of measurement of social effect and a damage, obsolescence term etc.  Our first book on this theme "Degree of quality" has been published in 1983 by publishing house «Standard».  Last book – «Audit of Efficiency»  – is published in 2008, see our site, item 16.  These works have given the chance to us to develop and register unique system of certification CCK  which in the world shows for the first time not only conformity, but also degrees of quality and ecological cleanliness of any goods, for example, the food.  CCK allows to differentiate the goods and services in degree of utility for the consumer.  Probably, only then the prices for the goods of the raised ecological cleanliness can receive a substantiation.  Not less useful are our works taking into account size of a damage to the nature and the population according by the industrial enterprises.  If Upper Austria will adjust this estimation in comparison to volumes of made production, it will define a responsibility measure as the obligatory and solving element of protection of the nature against  anthropogenous influence.


Such is a circle of our works under the theory of innovations, in particular - social.


…The first messages on this program to us became known exactly one year ago. In the first letter from European Commission, Deputy Head of Unit Roger O'Keeffe  (in reply to our interest)  to us have suggested to find any national command by which financial assets have been allocated. We have assumed at once, that on such interesting theme all will want to try to work one, without strangers.

We  were not mistaken.  We have decided to wait, that will occur. Alas, in a year of new problems has increased, and new decisions – much less. We will here not criticise them in essence. Already that fact, that they dare, does to Europe a great honour. 

Having got acquainted with excellent reviews about performance of works in EU on the given themes, we have seen our big "safety factor" and have decided to offer you the services. – but not to all Europe.

It is necessary to admit, that the letter in European Commission from which we had a short correspondence,  we have mentioned only two countries with which we are ready to co-operate. It is Switzerland and Austria, is more concrete – Linz. But now, when we through your Internet sites have got acquainted with problems of your Government, we have understood, that we were not mistaken.  And now we will make attempt to show to you,   that we offer you of business - new and useful for Austria. And very interesting to with whom you will recommend to us to work. If it too will seem to you interestingly and  useful.


…So, we can offer you some projects which as it seems to me, can be useful for Upper Austria. Perhaps, from them the first and (as it seems to us) the most actual project – School innovative education, more precisely, training to creativity – all explanations are given more low.

But in my opinion other projects are not less interesting:  the Ecological certificate with display of a gain of utility from your "green" agricultural production  (the group from EU which worked 2 years in Russia and studied the Russian systems of ecological certification, our system CCK has put on the first place ); Additions to the Program "Marco Polo"  (we give substantiations of the main argument of decrease in automobile movement and a goods traffic with transition to rails and in the sea  – a damage to the population and the nature, we are able to count it, I think, your experts will agree with our principles), Creative degrees on the basis of definition of utility of author's achievements  (it will be powerful moral stimulus for public development, you will the first can make these degrees together or instead of scientific degrees); Advertising (instead of beautiful pictures she will learn to show really proved growth of advantage for the consumer)… Justice with the replacement of Codes-law to the requirement of compensation of all harm is the most difficult, but potentially the most effective project.    


Themes for teamwork which we can offer you, we here list very much simply, almost primitively, – for decrease errors in translating and reduction of the size of the text. But we will dare in some cases to give references here on some points of a web site of our academy:   INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY - . 


The best if Switzerland and-or Austria organises the All-European centre of social development. This project will be inexpensive and prestigious.





Recently, in a year after occurrence of the well-known decision concerning the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, we carry out as much as possible detailed analysis of activity of the theory and practice  of innovations in Europe. It because some our groups were engaged and engaged in similar questions since 1973-74.  Therefore you understand, how we were pleased with exclusive attention to this theme in Europe.  With the great liking we have learnt about high interest to these questions at level above the state.   We have assumed, that your thousand experts which has aimed EU, will make all quickly and is better, than we.

BUT then we have calmed down:  first, the western experts go approximately the same as there were we  – the truth, they have not reached quantitative measuring instruments of social effect and a damage; secondly,  we already adult, and you allow to write to me so: always it is necessary not less than 9 months for the good child.  Even if in this question will be engaged thousand men and women.  


Therefore now our workings out considerably advance the European level and we can offer you teamwork not only on each theme, but also on carrying out to practical work with your firms according to a degree  of quality of their production in comparison with their competitors.  Only understanding high results of works of Austria and deep it respecting, we assert, that if quantitatively to count quality of the new goods or service it will allow is better to show their present progress in comparison with others.  And then gradually to master these methods in practice of marketing and creation of advertising of the product.

It seems to me, I will not be mistaken, if I will assume, that your government, undertaken really for social and economic development of your region,  will want to enter an indicator of this development - besides pure gross national product.  It will allow to show regularly how your method of a management is really reflected in a life of people, on all social sphere - sociomy. Perhaps, it even is more important, than economy development.


Education questions – the major for development of any country. Both questions are very important: and how to teach, and what to teach, what skills we give and how many health we take away. Not forgetting, as the principle here is important: all useless – is harmful. For children especially: all superfluous takes away from them health, nothing adding for the future.


We purposefully develop the question of novative education no more than two years,  we have begun on half a year earlier, than the EuroParliament has made the remarkable  «DECISION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL concerning the European Year of Creativity and Innovation (2009). – Though we use materials of our 30-year-old working out of the theory of innovations (since 1973-74). It to us has allowed to create the full program and then and the textbook on training to creativity. 

The program of creative education – item 6, 6.5, the textbook – item 6.16.

To us have given good responses some ministries, including the Ministry of Education of Russia, and even Association of creative teachers of Russia. But further all wait, what will be by itself.  

Traditionally in Russia  it does happen, while all will occur in the West.  Therefore when we offer our product  for the West,  our conscience is pure.

…As it seems to me, for Upper Austria also will be obvious plus, if it (can be – in commonwealth with Switzerland) will create together with us a series of textbooks on NOVISTICS for different classes of a comprehensive school, and then and for institutes. - At first at least only in German.  So the Austrian children since small years will learn methods of innovative outlook on life, they will learn to notice automatically lacks around and them effectively to correct,  do effective inventions not only in technical, but also even in social sphere.  And to it will accelerate occurrence in a noosphere about which philosophers for a long time speak, creasphere, spheres truly divine – a creativity product, when 2+2 more than 4. And health of pupils from it will only improve…